MSP Consortium Committees

The MSP Consortium has five committees – compliance, marketing, purchasing, sales and technology. The committees are designed to facilitate dialogue between forum members and capture your feedback to help drive the direction of the consortium’s operations. They can be accessed through the MSP Consortium forum at A brief description of each committee is provided below.

The Technology Committee

The primary goal of the Technology Committee is to share information on products and services and explore new technologies critical to the MSP space. The Technology Committee focus is on accelerating members’ business growth by delivering quality solutions and optimizing best business practices.

Members are encouraged to use the Technology Committee to engage the Comodo One development team and help shape the development of future RMM, service desk and patch management software.

Sales Committee

The Sales Committee is responsible for identifying new and efficient ways to drive revenue for MSP Consortium members. This committee will focus on improving success for the MSP Consortium members by creating leads and establishing metrics on the conversion rate of the lead to a sale. The committee will also focus on customer retention and gaining more wallet share with the customers through event and tradeshow operations, support and sales training programs.

Purchasing Committee

The objective of the Purchasing Committee is to identify potential opportunities for MSP Consortium members to attain increased discounts with suppliers by negotiating, implementing and managing bulk purchasing agreements or MSP Consortium member discounts.

The Committee works with members to evaluate existing agreements as well as review vendor recommendations based on price, discounts, quality, availability and references. Current agreements and offerings will be published and maintained on MSP Consortium website.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee will be responsible for defining MSP Certification requirements as we expand membership.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for increasing the visibility and image of the MSP Consortium. This will include raising awareness of the MSP Consortium to business owners, thus providing MSP Consortium members a distinct advantage over the competition.