MSP Cost Savings Benefits

Receive the complimentary MSP Consortium platform that includes remote monitoring and management (RMM), professional services automation (PSA) and quote services automation (QSA)

Our powerful integrated platform is designed and developed by MSPs for MSPs to improve your workflow and provided to you free of charge, so you can improve your services while saving time and costs.

Attain increased discounts with suppliers

MSP Consortium, built by MSPs for MSPs, negotiates, implements and manages bulk purchasing agreements, so that you can get better pricing from your suppliers and save on costs.

The Purchasing Committee finds opportunities for discounts with suppliers by negotiating, implementing, and managing bulk purchasing agreements. This committee is always working with members to evaluate existing agreements, as well as review vendor recommendations based on price, quality, and availability. We will consult the Technology Committee when appropriate. Current vendor agreements and offerings are available on the MSP Consortium membership page.